BCCCA Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics is located on the Membership Application:  

The BC Career Colleges Association exists to promote and protect the interests of the private postsecondary training community, both schools and students, to all levels of government and to the public in general. We support schools, through mentoring and coaching, in order to ensure that the private training industry is known for high levels of quality and student satisfaction.
As proud members of the BCCCA, we agree to adhere to the following
  1. Financial, legal and ethical accountability
  2. Compliance with all federal and provincial acts, regulations, directives and regulatory bodies
  3. Truthful and accurate claims, either through representatives or advertising and promotional material
  4. Accountability for career-related training and enhanced skills development
  5. Knowledgeable, competent staff - along with adequate and up to date equipment to meet the needs of program delivery
  6. Programs that adapt to industry changes
  7. Students who are fully informed and have made appropriate choices in their educational choices
  8. Open communication between administration and students
  9. Safe facilities and compliance with all civic and provincial regulations pertaining to fire, health and safety 
This, the BCCCA declares to be its Code of Ethics, and membership in the BCCCA signifies agreement to adhere fully to this Code of Ethics. 

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