Committee Members

We are currently in the process of recruiting new committee members, which is a rewarding opportunity to connect with fellow members and directors, and have a direct influence on creating more value for your membership. If you are interested in learning more, please contact thebccca@gmail.com

Current BCCCA Committee's

Advocacy Committee 

  • Chair: Geoff Collier, Thompson Career College
  • Co-Chair: Krista Livingstone-Clark, Discovery Community College
  • Jeremy Sabell, Stenberg
  • Mike Druce, Academy of Learning College
  • Soheil Gorji, ITD Canada
  • Armand Delisle, First College

Conference Planning Committee 

  • Chair: Desiree King, CDI College
  • Co-Chair: Jeremy Sabell, Stenberg College
  • Geoff Collier, Thompson Career College
  • Roxanna Da Costa, Aveda Institute
  • Lois McNestry, Discovery Community College

SABC Committee 

  • Chair: Meghan Lahti, Sprott Shaw College
  • Co-Chair: Maggie Harvie, Sprott Shaw College
  • Theresa Danielle, TEC
  • Krista Livingstone-Clark, Discovery Community College
  • Vic Tesan, CDI College
  • Allison Gottenbos, The Education Company
  • Rosana Mashevich, The Orca Institute

Financial Viability Committee

  • Chair: Vic Tesan, CDI College 
  • Co Chair: Theresa Daniele, TEC
  • Lois McNestry, Discovery Community College
  • Geoff Collier, Thompson Career College

Membership Value Committee

  • Chair: Desiree King, CDI College
  • Co-Chair: Corrie Heranga, Arbutus College
  • Lois McNestry, Discovery Community College
  • Bruce Anderson, SELC College
  • Alfredo Vazquez, Arbutus College
  • Krista Livingstone-Clark, Discovery Community College
  • Armand Delisle, First College 
  • Soheil Sorji, ITD Canada 

Nominations Committee

  • Chair: Bruce Anderson, SELC College
  • Co-Chair: Alfredo Vazquez, Arbutus College
  • Corrie Heranga, Arbutus College
  • Vic Tesan, CDI College
  • Mike Druce, Academy of Learning College

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Annual Christmas Dinner - Vancouver, BC
Annual Conference - Vancouver, BC
10/7/2015 - 10/9/2015
Annual Legislature Luncheon - Victoria, BC
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