Career College Facts

Provincial and federal governments know that the public education and training system - alone - cannot accommodate the entire demand for training. The need for innovative, responsive, effective and cost efficient skills training is increasing. It is important to recognize that private career colleges are well positioned to build our country's capacity for providing access to quality post-secondary education.

Facts about Private Career Colleges: 
  • Number of private career colleges in British Columbia= 330 
  • BC private career trainers educated 51, 000 students in 2013
  • Approximately 85% of graduates from private institutions said their training met their expectations
  • Approximately 82% of graduates found jobs in their field of study
  • Approximately 25% of graduates were hired before they graduated
  • Approximately 89% of employed graduates secured jobs within eight weeks of completion
  • Approximately 72% of Canadian small and medium enterprises, that hired graduates of private training institutions, were satisfied with the graduates' training compared with 62% satisfaction with university graduates and 59% with public college graduates. 

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