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FINANCIAL AID WORKSHOP: Level One (Please register online below)

The Financial Aid Workshop (L1) is a 6-hour content packed workshop designed collaboratively by Student Aid BC (SABC) and BC Career Colleges Association. Participants will learn the current SABC processes and procedures, including forms and timelines, which are critical for financial aid workers to learn in order to provide prospective students with accurate information around SABC and Canada Student Loans Program (CSLP).  The correct form flow will be outlined; default information and unmet needs will also be discussed. The workshop is designed for those employees who are new to SABC, and need to learn basic forms and procedures regarding student loans and student intake. This workshop is also for those who have been working with SABC for sometime, and just need a refresher course on the systems and processes. Register today for this interactive, engaging and informative session as space is limited! 

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FINANCIAL AID WORKSHOP: Level Two  (Please register online below)    

The financial Aid Workshop (L2) is designed by BC Career Colleges Association, and has been structured into two content packed 3-hour segments. Participants will learn more advanced procedures within the student loan system, including upcoming changes due to SABC modernization. The first segment will focus on student loan bylaw compliance, including withdrawls, attendance and program eligibility declarations. The second segment will focus on student interactions, repayment rates and the Repayment Assistance Program (CSL). The workshop is designed for those employees who have completed the FAW (Level One) class, and are now ready to learn more advanced procedures. Register today for this interactive, engaging and informative session as space is limited

Upcoming Level Two Workshops:

Training session locations will be added as they become available.
For more information please contact Kelsey Keohane by dialing 236-237-1431 or email 

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