Student Loans

Most BC Career Colleges Association members are designated for student loans and have information on applying on-campus. When viewing our list of member schools, be sure to look for the Student Loans symbol (the golden apple in the centre of the tree). It is the indicator that financial aid may be available to eligible students.

You may also want to visit the British Columbia government\'s website for students looking for financial assistance. Click Here

Government Grants

Students at designated schools may also be eligible for government grants. These are awarded to eligible students as a non-repayable portion of a Canada or BC student loan. These grants and loans are designed to reduce the amount of the student loan you must repay at the end of your program of study. Grants are only available to students who have taken at least eight months of full-time post-secondary education.

BCCCA Member School Grants and Scholarships

Some BCCCA member schools offer internal grants and scholarships based on need, academic standing or other criteria. When you visit our list of member schools (member list link), be sure to note the BCCCA Grants Symbol next to those member schools with scholarship opportunity.

Other Grants and Scholorships

There are a number of excellent online resources to help you find sources of funding for your education. You may be eligible for a scholarship or grant based on your academic standing, the high-school you graduated from, your ethnic background, your chosen course of study, your gender, your parentage and other criteria. Visit the following sites to find out whether you are eligible for one of the hundreds of available scholarships.

Visit MySchool101 for lots of information about higher education, including a customized scholarship search engine: